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Resolution for 2016 – Performance Excellence

New Year 2016“Effective leaders help others to understand the necessity of change and to accept a common vision of the desired outcome.” – John Kotter


Happy New Year! Let me start by wishing you a healthy, joyful and successful year in 2016.


It is common to make resolutions for improvement upon the start of each new year, so let’s consider some resolutions we can make for our businesses this year. As mentioned in the quote from management guru John Kotter above, there are two elements of the necessity of change: (1) understanding the necessity of change and (2) accepting a common vision of the desired outcome.


For the first point, the market is the best teacher. As W. Edwards Deming once said, “It is not necessary to change, survival is not mandatory.” So let’s take the need for change as a given and focus today on resolutions to create an outcome of performance excellence.


Let us use the Eagle Consultancy International model for Sustainable Wealth Creation to formulate our top ten resolutions for transformation of our organizations toward excellence this year – Principles + Practices = Performance.


In 2016, we resolve to:

  1. Ensure our values are congruent with our organizational mission, well known by all associates in the organization, and consistently followed in practice (Principle)
  2. Commit to servant leadership, remembering that leaders are to serve and enable the success of their associates (Principle)
  3. Look at failures as learning opportunities, choosing to look at situations with a continuous improvement mindset instead of looking for somewhere to affix blame (Principle)
  4. Utilize the strengths of all the associates in the organization, adapting their role to maximize their contribution and engagement (Practice)
  5. Establish key performance indicators to monitor progress on each of the critical few organizational goals and ensure that progress is widely communicated daily throughout the organization (Practice)
  6. Find and eliminate the root cause(s) of one risk of accident or injury each month (Practice)
  7. Find and eliminate the root cause(s) of one product nonconformity each month (Practice)
  8. Find and eliminate the root cause(s) of one equipment failure each month (Practice)
  9. Standardize one business process each month, with: responsibilities and document flow defined, clear standards of timeliness, inputs and outputs required, and quality standards (Practice)
  10. Make a point to thank at least one associate every day for specific actions that reinforce your organization’s vision and values (Practice)


I know if we can keep these resolutions in our mind, our organizations will have a successful and prosperous 2016! I am at your service to discuss how ECI can help you implement these resolutions.


What other resolutions do you have for your professional life in 2016? Leave a comment to this post!


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